In my personal time I enjoy working on retro game projects. It’s always a great opportunity to experiment with gameplay ideas and learn new technologies !


Control an undead princess and succeed where all heroes have failed !

The princess is dead… But she is back ! The last hope against evil forces. Help her explore the realm and succeed where all heroes have failed.

Relic : Tale of the Undead Princess is a retro 2D action-adventure game, with a fine blend of exploration, puzzles, secrets and challenges !

"Yes yes yes! Like an old school Zelda!"
Gear Worx Productions
Greenlight preview
"Awesome ! I can't wait to play this game"
Greenlight preview


Reclaim your planet by getting rid of the human colonists !

Mankind sends its first colonisation mission to a new planet. Your planet ! Control an alien worm and shutdown the colony to get rid of the invaders.

Parasite is a non-linear retro platformer with a mix of action and puzzles. Switch between multiple shapes to navigate the station and sabotage the complex.

"Overall, it was a lot of fun"
Steam review
"It's a well balanced affair"
Steam review

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