I am a video game producer with 15+ years of industry experience. I use my expertise of iterative methodologies to design project-specific solutions and ensure smooth deliveries.
I am available for contract work remotely worldwide, and locally in the Budapest/Hungary area. Check my résumé and find out what I can do for your project :


Design custom production frameworks
Implement and consolidate planning assets
Help define entire scope of games
Assist with risk analysis and mitigation
Calibrate iterations and track deliveries




Audit projects and strengthen operations
Improve progress visibility through reporting
Facilitate coordination of development teams
Improve team structure and communication
Technical recruitment and job posting



Enhance software architecture with code design
Help with technical analysis and creative solutions
Identify and reduce technical risks
Review workflows and improve processes
Optimise knowledge sharing and mentoring

Find more about me, my experience of the video games industry and my independent retro creations.
Contact me for further information !

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