I am a video game producer with 15+ years of industry experience. I use my expertise of iterative methodologies to design project-specific solutions and ensure smooth deliveries.
I am available for contract work remotely worldwide, and locally in the Budapest/Hungary area. Check my résumé and find out what I can do for your project :


Identify product value to maximise efficiency
Organise information to improve decision making
Facilitate transitioning to iterative development
Define, implement and consolidate production assets
Adapt processes to product phases and life-cycle


Analyse risks and establish mitigation solutions
Prioritise objectives and calibrate deliveries
Track and report progress to predict completion
Manage and coordinate development teams
Recruit technical roles and specify job postings


Review code design to enhance architecture
Assist with technical analysis and solutions
Optimise knowledge sharing and mentoring
Help with game-related performance issues
Improve automation and versioning policies

Examples of typical missions

Examples of project management-specific missions include the following roles :

  • Refine product positioning and viability with Lean Canvas-derived business model and analysis
  • Define entire scope of product with project charters, work breakdown structures and product backlogs
  • Implement short-, medium- and long-term planning with feature lists, milestone definitions, roadmaps and risk lists
  • Implement tracking with arbitrary quantification, velocity, progress reports, validation and predictive models
  • Recruit and train specialised roles : producer, assistant producer, scrum master, product owner

Examples of game development-specific missions include the following roles :

  • Review game design documents to consolidate pitch, player experience, granularity and terminology
  • Review art design documents to consolidate target renders, visual analysis, metrics and workflows
  • Review technical design documents to consolidate analysis, architecture, performance and processes

Examples of team leading-specific missions include the following roles :

  • Improve team structure with staffing plan, organisational chart and matrix configuration
  • Improve team cohesion with training, mentoring, knowledge sharing and pair reviews
  • Improve communication with instant transmission, persistent information and knowledge databases
  • Improve creativity through collaboration, delegation, autonomy and empowerment

Find more about me, my experience of the video games industry and my independent retro creations.
Contact me for further information !

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